DAY 4 (already?)

picking up some momentum, opening up, discussions and support, interest and enthusiasm abound. what is a group? is it utopic to think we can create something together? are we already creating something together by nature of the fact that we inhabit a space for a time? is that too easy? we agreed that there would be no judging in the first week. does this apply to our own ideas? today’s topics (as reported by a totally subjective scout) were ownership and authorship and the colonialization of our bodies, possibilities of creating a group work without the inherent hierarchies (those automatically evoked by every proposal for a group by an individual). joining or watching and wishing to join. here we can join; active curiosity will be rewarded. what the hell is authentic movement, anyway? are we here to indulge our habits, to insist on our way, or are we here to abandon ourselves and see what comes out of it? or is it something between? what else? what else? a showing by someone. lots of ocean, dreams, and politics. lunch rocked again! there was more. tai chi. some modern dance (hey, why not? contemporary is knowing what laid the groundwork). in a storefront window in gesundbrunnen center i read, “modern yet authentic.” (anybody know what that means?). stick with the program. yeah. a lot of talented people. intimidating sometimes, but it’s a good intimidation. there was more. i never knew you felt that way.

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  1. Peter sagt:

    And then we watched ALLEGE, Clément so generously shared with us, showing his piece in full length instead of showing the video. He says, with a smile, this would consume the same time. WWWH (what where when how) gets some materialisation. We talk about a piece that has been presented many times in Berlin and abroad. Objectified discourse. What we like, mostly. First of all, it’s a proposal to instigate further talks, next to the artistic value of the ‘show’. And further practice: the choir, for today an intimate exchange of four voices, varying Do-Re-Mi in different layers, becomes a dance solo with vocal accompaniment. Darkness falls. The Village takes a breath. Some family of villagers pass by, family dinner.

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