i am where ….

i am where i can join people and people join others, i have the possibility to enter each group and participate, where my thing becomes somehow„the thing“ , belongs to  where i am. i am where everybody is connected, where there is no judgement on any situation, where i feel the void and the actionism, where i wish all of us to move together. and where I want to get money to do what we do here  every year.

I am where we have discussions about political issues and where everything can happen, i am in a permanent friction between community and collective, i am busy with authorship, my world and tools of the others. I am where my tools are taken over by others, where i am afraid to share, where i need to share.

I am where the morning classes give me a second hand feeling.where I enjoy that second hand knowledge that we share.

Here is ease, here time gets lost, here is enthusiasm.

I trust every one of you, i feel tired afterwards, i dont know how to manage my energy. I have my home here.

I am where there is so many topics, where are the true philosophers, where we collect practises, talks and residence possibilities,  where we have an archiv, whre we have producer-talks.

I am where something will then begin to be clear and where the bodies lie as much as words. Where there is the pressure of presentation and where we look for another way to mention what happened than a verbal one.

I am where we need someone to do the documentation of the whole thing, where there is little hints of depression, where i am getting used to work with people, where nothing is exclusive, where childlikeness is celebrated with an adult mind and where we ask ourselves, when it all begun.

I am where we are so tensed, that we need to relax to be able to move.

I am where the dance community wants to contribute to the society and where is no hierarchy but it is still going somewhere. Where we focus on something, where i would not aim for personally and where we share, what we want and what we need.

I am where there are expectations that are not supposed to be there and  where are preparations that are not supposed to be preparations. I am where there is niceness and professionalism, where i wonder about the ethics of the individual, of small groups and groups, our group. I am where i have to let go but not give up, where we build a house, where i need to be there 30 hours in order to feel that i am there, where we are having family over and where expectations make me be able to relax only in the evening hours, when i am still there.

I am where i have the wish to work on something and where i have problems to speak in front of the group, where i ask myself: what am i doing here. i am where i dont know what is going to happen but where there is something that was not here before.

I am where it is not clear, if we are living or working together, and where our living room is full of history and something continues rather than  is maked up.

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