today is another

no pressure. stay in one place and let the world come to you. it will. trust it. so much hustle. unnecessary. who wrote the book to be read that way? whose words are these? what’s the difference between restriction and parameter? a frame and a prison cell? it takes a village, they say. shared responsibility. we made a decision today, a big one.

i pulled out today in a way that forced me in. it was great. there is a lot of power when one realizes one’s power. we are responsible for our own suffering…for our own happiness, too. time is flying by. just after the morning bell it was the evening whistle. time is no constant. it stretches and concentrates, expands, disappears, reappears without warning.

the openness is getting more and more genuine. it’s becoming more automatic. here we don’t have to play family or play community. or the fake can be an engine, but once it gets going, it goes. that’s the real. it’s not utopic or naive, i’m sure. it’s as real as dirt, as honest as a duck eating stale bread. i like you all. more and more each day. i love the exchange. i could get used to this…and then it’s over.

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