Here we are week 3, or is it the second, one moment, no it is the first, no serious… is it the third?, I am lost with time, and is it now evening?, or in the morning?, no really, I lost the sense for time, which feels like hanging around in front of exactly this machine, where I am typing this letter. It feels like surfing in the net the whole night!

And you know what, I AM in a materialized wide world web!! No, really, I click and I AM in a Tai Chi movement, even I can fast-forward and be in the end of the long form, even after a double click I get some names for the individual movements (sorry I don’t remember them all, something like “picking toilet paper” or “diving crane”……)

Next click and I am in a Constanza Macras movement phrase (and again with a double click I get some additional information), … turn the page, next page, following my interest, diving in the endless Information, which are delivered in High speed connection, plugging in, taking it, there a rhythm exercises, Yes, I can use it (great warm up for “komischer Eingang”), I am one with the Net, with all its information, sometime overwhelming, sometimes speechless, but I am in it, sometime to slow to catch some stuff, but that’s it, I cannot grasp the world wild village, that is not the point, it is to flow in the pool of knowledge and information, to catch glimpses, to follow and to be an open source.

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