Ayara Hernandez

born in Mexico in 1976, a performer and choreographer based in Berlin and Montevideo. She studied contemporary dance, literature and theater in Uruguay and at EDDC (European Dance Development Center) in the Netherlands. In 2009 she finished her MA in Contemporary Arts Practice & Dissemination/ MACAPD at  “L’animal a l’esquena” in Spain. (in collaboration with the University of Girona, Dargtinton College of Arts and MASKA Institute). Since 2002 she is creating her own work in collaboration with Felix Marchand under the name of: Lupita Pulpo. They created: “Raw moments on the table” (2002), “BOB (Bob, original body)” (2005), “La ex de Bob, el serial” (2006), “Mix tape” (2006), “Blurry” (2006) and “Komischer Eingang” (2009) among other works. Their performances have been presented in different international events in South America and Europe.  www.lupitapulpo.org <http://www.lupitapulpo.org>
In the last years she has been working also on the potentiality of memory in the performance field, emphasising the emancipated life of remembering. Under this subject she created „Tracing“ (the final project of her master degree) a performance-installation based on memories of performances by the audience, and at the moment she is finishing „Rumor“ a fiction-documentary film in collaboration with her brother Arauco Hernández (film maker). As a dancer she worked with “Contradanza”, Florencia Martinelli (Uruguay) Eszter Gal (Hungary), Ludger Orlok (Germany) Liisa Pentii (Finland), Angela Schubot/ TWO FISH, among others. She has taught at the University of Uruguay, at the second meeting of Net of South American dance/RSD, in different studios in Berlin and Montevideo and at the “Ponderosa Tanzland festival” in Stolzenhagen. n 2010, she got the “Tanz- Stipendium 2010” of Berlin to continue her research initiated in her master.

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