Gilles Viandier

Born on April 1st 1974 in the north of France, Gilles Viandier grew up in Normandy. Having a diploma of architecture in 1997, he chose contemporary dance as a new field of space experimentations, after numerous workshops & classes, among others at the National Choreographic Centre of Rennes (Catherine Diverrès, Thierry Bae), in Montpellier (Mathilde Monnier & guests) and at the W. Tanzschule Essen (Malou Airaudo). For 4 years he performed for the Jackie Taffanel Company, then with Michèle Murray, Didier Théron, Hélène Cathala, Patrice Barthès Companies in Montpellier, Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh in Paris, Philippe Saire in Lausanne. He is still working with Georges Appaix, Mickaël Cros and Christophe Haleb in Marseille/Paris. Also being a musician (piano, clarinet and lyric voice in many choirs and solo), he directed one of the operas of Kurt Weill’s and took part in different musical projects. Receiving a master degree in Theatre/Stage Arts in 2003, he designed sets for theatre and organises performances questioning public space and viewer’s role within the #Number# urban project. Since 2009, he lives in Berlin, keeps developing co.MUT association. He also took part in projects with Shifts Cie, Ambitrix/Kathleen Reynolds, Abraham Hurtado, Willi Dorner and William Forsythe.

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