Hyoung-Min Kim

My name is Hyoung-Min Kim, from South Korea. I was educated in Seoul and I am working in Berlin since 2005.
I speak korean and english. But my english is not really good.
Until 2008 I was really sure that I’ll go back to Korea in two years and live with my family and marry a korean man and stop  dancing.
But I am still here in Berlin and enjoying the life even though I have a lot of doubt about it.
I miss my family and country a lot especially when I talk with my nephew on the phone or on my mom’s memorial day. Often I am asking myself what would be the solution about this emotion.
I love Korean food, specially after the show.
I go to church every sunday and pray for all of my worries. I often go to church in the morning. It helps me a lot to let all the fears and worries go out of my mind….
I like dance a lot and I am happy with my job but also I have a lot of questions and thought about this city and my job.

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