Melanie Lane

Melanie, born in Sydney, graduated from The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 1999. Since graduating she has travelled to Europe working with various companies and artists in Germany, Brussels and the Netherlands such as Kobalt Works | Arco Renz (B), Club Guy and Roni (N), Tino Seghal (G) and Eun Me Ahn (Korea/G)
From 2004 Melanie has been Artist in residence at Dock 11 studios in Berlin where she has established a repertory of works; Cooper (2005), Under Violent Objects (2006) and in collaboration with Morgan Belenguer, Riddle (2007) and Held (2008).
Her collaborative work extends to artists such as musician CLARK (Warp records), video duo Photone, Film makers Timo Schierhorn and Eva S.Aridjis.
Melanie choreographed Fury Due for The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2009, Build me (work in progress) for Sydney dance company dancers Richard Cilli and Natalie Allen and has been in ongoing creative development with independent choreographer Paea Leach.
In 2010 Melanie was invited to create a new work Tilted Fawn for the Looping project. Tilted Fawn collaborates with musician CLARK and performed in Uzes Danse Festival, Tanz im August and O Espaco Do Tempo in Portugal.
Melanies work has evolved into a consequential body of work that has organically pursued the development of a choreographic relationship between objects, sound and visual design. Her collaborative efforts are a key element for her work in which she continues to seek partners for sharing her creative processes with and to challenge herself further.

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