Raffaela Galdi

was born in Genova, Italy and lives in Berlin. Training in classical and contemporary dance, she attended the Ecole de Danse Rosella Hightower, in Cannes, France, and received her diploma from the modern dance academy Rotterdamdansacademie, in Rotterdam, Holland. She has been a member of the Berlin-based company Cie. Toula Limnaios, the Belgian Compagnie Thor, the Luxembourg company Unit Control, and the Belgian company Galothar. As a freelancer she has worked with choreographers including Rui Horta, LaborGras, Christoph Winkler, Tomi Paasonen, Helge Musial, Thom Stuart, Sanne van der Put. Since 2006 Raffaella has developed her own choreographic work (Legna – Solo, the performanceinstallation Ugo, the dance performances MODES of locomotion and Relations). She is a choreographer in residence at the artblau – Tanzwerkstatt in Braunschweig and she is regularly teaching contemporary dance (release alignment technique) in Studio LaborGras and Tanzfabrik, Berlin. For more information please visit: www.raffaellagaldi.com

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