Lisa Densem

Lisa Densem grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and trained at the ‘NZ School of Dance’ in 1985/86. She worked in NZ for many years, mostly with the choreographers Douglas Wright and Michael Parmenter. From 1993 she also made her own work and in 1997 created her first full-length project ‘No Sun, No Rain’, which won a choreographic award at the Wellington Fringe Festival. In 1998 Lisa received a grant from NZ to study in New York. Shortly afterwards she moved to Berlin to work with the company ‘Sasha Waltz and Guests’. She was involved in the creation of the trilogy series, ‘Koerper’, ‘S’, and ‘Nobody’, and also in the installation work ‘Inside Out’. In 2004 Lisa left the company to dance independently though she continues to tour repertoire and to participate in site specific projects. Since leaving the company Lisa has worked as a freelance dancer and teacher, given birth to her daughter, Dora, and continued to develop her own work. In 2005 she returned to New Zealand to create, ‘No Such Place’, with 6 dancers, and in 2008 she created the solo ‘Off with her Head’, for the Festival ‘How Do You Are’ in Bordeaux, France. Most recently Lisa has been working with the director, ‘Laurent Chetouane, who works primarily with performance improvisation. She currently dances in his ‘Tanzstuck 4 – Leben wollen (zusammen) and ‘Danton’s Tod’.

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