Ami Garmon

American, lives and works between Berlin and France. She creates most often one woman shows for theaters and museums. She collaborates with visual and sound artists to create performance installations that are intense visceral poetic and immersive atmospheres for her writings, her voice and her dances. She improvises and performs in collaboration with her own group productions or as a performer for others. Her interest has always been on emotion and nostalgia and surfaces both real and projected. Her focus on writing and performance and precision of movement means that her works stretch over diverse fields and mediums.

Her works are mutable collections of expression and reflections. The work thematically and formally explores the solo figure, regardless if it is a solo or group piece, its struggles with comprehension and individuation and the paradoxical need to share experience. She explores language verbal and non verbal as a result and an expression of our ability to experience meaning and empathy and how this affectively or disastrously articulates our feelings and perceptions. The point of entry of many works is often biographical and a desire to place the personal visibly within the fabric of the universal. The role of the performer as the vehicle and expression of endurance, virtuosity, effort, loss and transformation is central to the work in subject, content and composition. The recurring theme of empathy explores movements of the heart in solitude and in social constructs. The representation of isolation proposed in form and content is a means of framing the lens and articulating the internal to the external.

In Take me home with you (Festival Uzes Danse 2008) she proposed a threefold project that is a piece, and in the future a book (writings and illustrations ) and  audio cd (with a musician).  Take me home with you reveals a desire to enlarge the experience of her work into the private sphere of one’s own time and home. This solo was premiered in Festival Uzes France and Tanznacht Berlin. She was awarded a stipendium for Künstlerhaus Lukas. She worked with Peter Stamer in his project as a part of Practice 2008. She was a member of the improv ensemble of Jeremy Wade and Meg Stuart for the festival Politics of Ecstasy in HAU Berlin. She is invited to perform and teach in Performatica festival in Mexico and Impulztanz Vienna.  She is currently preparing the premier of Another Fucking Solo (a trio with live music), a HKF supported project, premiering April 15 2010 at Balhaus Ost. She plans to bring out What’s this button for? – a choreographic play and a choreographic installation in two parts for 2011 in collaboration with Tanzfabrik and Uferstudios. She has been invited to participate in the next Tanznacht project, “The Village” curated by Peter Stamer. With her work as a teacher and mentor of body mind and solo choreographic practice and training, she has been invited to teacher workshops in Mexico, ImPulsTanz Vienna, Tanzfabrik and Vancouver u.a. Her next “biology and biography workshop will be for a select group of street worker prostitutes in the Ukraine and Berlin.

She has worked  with (u.a.) Catherine Bay, Marco Berrettini, Lubrikat- Dirk Ceislak, Phillippe Decoufle Marianne Dissard, Pierre Droulers, Christiane Hommelsheim, Julia Jarcho, Philippe Jamet, Nadia Lauro, Nicolas Losson Augustin Maurs Mark Thompkins, Janina Janke for Oper Dynamo West, Olivier Zol, Peter Stamer, Meg Stuart, Jeremy Wade.

Events and Projects

April 25 2009 Take me home with you plus a Duo Improvisation with Olivier Zol in Festival Barroquismo / Teatro dela Ciudad / Puebla / Mexique
April 23- May 1 2009 Teaching Master Class, Workshops PhysicalMind Training for the UDLA Puebla
May 21-23 2009 Take me home with you Balhaus Ost, Berlin
June 2 2009 Improvisation with singer Marianne Dissard, Berlin (venue to be announced)
July 20-24 2009 Teaching workshop Biography and Biology for ImPulsTanz Wien
August 7- 16 Residency for project Another Fucking Solo ImPulsTanz Vienna
October 24/25 2009 preview of Patience and Hunger Tanzfabrik Berlin
October 26-30  2009 Workshop Biology and Biography festival Fabrikationnen Tanzfabrik
October 29 2009 Guest artist for singer Marianne Dissard for ARTE LOUNGE live televised concert
November 29 2009 Guest artist for full concert for singer Marianne Dissard Konzerthaus Dortmund.

January 25/26 2010 command solo “Montre moi ta Pina” Festival Artdansthe,
March 1-12 2010 artist residency Theatre de la Bastille Paris for Another Fucking Solo
March 13 2010 Take me home with you – Festival Artdansthe Theatre de Vanves Paris
March 21-April 1 2010 artist residency Artblau Braunschweig for Another Fucking Solo.
April 15 – 26 2010 Premier Another Fucking Solo  Balhaus Ost additional performances May 7/8 Festival Moviemento teaching workshop Biology and Biography  Wolfsburg
September/ October  Workshop for Prostitutes in Ukraine
November/ December “The Village” Tanznacht 2010

Projects (selection):
2009 Symptomatic Bodies  invited artist for symposium organized by Elke Van Campenhout with u.a. André Lepeki, Antonia Baehr, Eleonora Fabiao, Lindy Annis, Peter Stamer
2009 Politics of Ecstasy Festival-  Improvisation Ensemble member curated by Meg Stuart and Jeremy Wade.
2008 Take me home with you –  Tanznacht Berlin.
2008  Untitled – spoken word poetry concert for Tanznacht Berlin 08 (co directed by Ali Stein)
2008 Take me home with you- solo dance and text performance created with Christiane Hommelsheim (dramaturgy) and Olivier Zol (sound design) at Festival Danse Uzes- France. Supported by: Festival de Danse Uzes, Cap 15 Marseille, Association Abel, Peter Sinclair, squint productions, Tanzwerkstatt Berlin, squintproductions
2008 Practice in the Ufer Studios invited to research and contribute to project conceived by Peter Stamer for his theater work on Family Constellations “Drama Queens” within the frame work of his global project Practice
2008 Improvisation- duo with Jacob Peter Kovner, Neues Kuenstlerhaus – Ahrenshoop.
Production: Neues Kuenstlerhaus – Ahrenshoop artist in residence stipendium.
2008 Universal- solo directed by Janina Janke/Oper Dynamo West for hotel room
2007 Shii- film created with Olivier Zol
2007 All there is- 10 minute solo of text and dance presented at Lucky Trimmer at Tanz im August (Podewil), Ada, Reutlingen, Tacheles. A squintproductions production
2007 Take me away- play by Julia Jarcho created and performed by Ami Garmon Julia Jarcho – Theatre d’Evry and Les Voutes- Paris.  Production, Il Faut Bruler pour Briller, Squint productions.
2006 Performer for Paravent Privee by Wilhem Groener for Tanzplatform Germany (Stuttgart)
2006 Talking Postcards – pieces of pieces on tour summer  castle tours. performance spoken word poetry visual and sound and text installation performance and photo exhibit. created with Tal Shacham, Tito, Elena Polzer, Remo Lotano, Patricia Woltmann for (Full complete sound and photo and object  and Rock Garden installation) Virchowsaal Sophiensaele and at Tanznacht 2006 (selection) in the Akademie der Künste, Tanzfabrik (selection). Supported for creation and presention also by Filmschloss Beesenstedt, Rohkunstbau Wasserschloss Groß- leuthen and NPN Schloss Broellin. A squintproductions production.
2006 All I Do play written by Julia Jarcho created and performed by Ami Garmon and Julia Jarcho -presented at  Sophiensaele and F40 English Theater. Production Tanfabrik, squintproductions.
2006 13 Incidents of Indolence – The Fish created with Tal Shacham and Julia Jarcho. solo dance and spoken word. music Augustin Maurs, Norman Thoerel. for Sophiensaele. Production Tanzfabrik,squintproductions
2006 14 incidents of Indolence music dance and visual poetry – with the collective written- not- written at Tuteur Haus COMA  Art Gallery – Berlin
2006 Establishes private studio for Pilates and Movement Awareness for Body Mind Conditioning.
2005 Stepping over Stepping Stones 1, 2, 3 created and performed with Christiane Hommelsheim, JJ Jones, Norman Thoerel, Nadia Cusimano (dramaturgy). Created at HAU 2, A trio installation dance and theater performance, video live sound and voice. Production:  Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, squint productions, Tanzfabrik and Gut Reichenow.
2005 13 Incidents of Indolence (work in progress) solo dance and spoken word. music Augustin Maurs, Norman Thoerel  for  Fabrikationnen – Tanzfabrik. Production Tanzfabrik, squintproductions
2005 Intensive Workshop Choreographing Perception for Fabrikationen Tanzfabrik
2004 Whilst I Slept the streets changed names – created by and with, Jochen Roller, Nadia Cusimano, Josephine Evrard, Katrin Gellar, Josh Poertner and Prudence, dramaturgy: Mark Tompkins for choreographische werkstatt- Schaubühne- Berlin. Production Tanzfabrik (funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds) , Schaubühne (Choreographische Werkstatt).
2004 Mutations #s 1and 4 actress for Lubrikat Productions directed by Dirk Cieslak
2004 Solo Performance teaches an intensive workshop for Fabrikationnen Tanzfabrik
2004 Tours Prudence in France.
2004 The Importance of Being Prudence-  performance/ video w/ JJ Jones Tanznacht
2004 Completes Certification for Classical Pilates (full system) and body mind teaching.
2002/2003 Project “Solos for Ami” – solos created for Ami by Steve Paxton and Marco Berrettini
‘s cube- by Steve Paxton created for and with Ami Garmon premiered at Pole Sud Strasbourg France. DRAC Ile de France Ministry de la Culture, Scene National de Dieppe, the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, 3 private research residency scholarships abroad with Steve Paxton. Supported by Senatverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, Berlin
Prudence – Her Mission-  by Marco Berrettini created for and with Ami Garmon – created at Theater am Halleschen Ufer. Production: Scene National de Dieppe, DRAC Ile de France Ministry de la Culture, the  Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.

2003 Birth of son
1999-2001 Creations and European tours for Marco Berrettini Melk Productions
2000 Mult(i)smes-  Melk productions by Marco Berrettini
1999 Petits Roberts- Melk Productions by Marco Berrettini
1998-2001 The Lack of North Project (#’s1-6) This was a four year thematic project that spanned three counties and mulitple partners and collaborations. The global project received  support and was presented through AFAA “Generation 2001”, French Institutes of Berlin Bilbao, Kyoto, Tokyo, DRAC Ile de France Ministry de la Culture, Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin,  Le Fundacion de Bilbao, CCN Grenoble, Le Magasin de Grenoble, Theater am Hallesches Ufer, Sophiensaele, Lofft Leipzig, Artspace Richmond, Sophiensaele, Tanz im August Berlin, La Menagerie de Verre- Paris.
2002 Out of Place (issued from If you haven’t told everything where does it go) conceived by Nadia Lauro exhibition in Kyoto Japan.
2002 2nd private research with Steve Paxton.
2001 # 6 If you haven’t told everything where does it go- STEP 2 in collaboration with Nadia Lauro and Nicolas Losson and Paul Gazzola, Claus Erbskorn, Josephine Evrard, Martin Bauer, Jo Stone and dancers from the Centre Choreographique de Grenoble. Theme park visual and sound installation conceived 4 dancers, 4 actors and a rock band and the audience. Premier Tanz Im August Berlin
2002 Out of Place (issued from If you haven’t told everything where does it go) for an exhibit conceived by Nadia Lauro in Kyoto Japan.
2001 # 5 If you haven’t told everything where does it go- STEP 1 in collaboration with Nadia Lauro and Nicolas Losson. Visual and sound installation for solo dance and audience. Premiered Solo/duo Festival Theater am Halleschen Ufer Berlin
2000 # 4 I never have any fun- a choreographic pop concert. lyrics, choreography and staging by Ami Garmon music by Paul Watson, Coby Baty and Jim Thomson costumes in collaboration with Nadia Lauro, film by Nicolas Losson Premiered Solo/duo Festival Theater am Halleschen Ufer Berlin
2000 What the Bird Heard – invited for presentation at Tanzplattform Hamburg
1999 # 2 If walls could talk, duo created and performed with Christiane Hommelsheim, Nicolas Losson for dance video live sound and voice mixing. Premiered Sophiensael Berlin
2000 -First  research residency with Steve Paxton (1 of 3) . Supported by Senatverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, Berlin
1999 #1 What the Bird Heard in collaboration with Nicolas Losson and Christiane Hommelsheim piece for solo dance, video and live sound and voice mixing. Chosen for Tanzplatform 2000, Hamburg. Premiered Menagerie de Verre Paris
1997/98 The River, created with Nicolas Losson created at Pole Sud. A choreographic work of film and dance for 5 women a cellist a drummer and 10 super 8 projectors.Production Pole Sud de Strasbourg, Centre d’Art de Kerguennec, DRAC Ile de France Ministry de la Culture, Theatre Contemporain de la Danse Paris ,
1994 -1996 Petites Interieurs – 5 pieces, created for the exhibit L’hiver de l’amour Musee d’art Moderne Paris and Musee d’Art Contemporain de Marseille with Marianne Dissard, Nadia Lauro, Sylvain Flannagan. performance, objects and installation with live video.Production: Purple Prose, Videotech de Paris, MAM de Paris, MAC de Marseille.
1995 Artist in Residence at The American Center of Paris.
1995- The Kneebone Nuances and Blue Telling- solo dance voice created with Nadia Lauro and Nicolas Losson Menagerie de Verre. Production and support:  American Center of Paris, CCN Tours, Menagerie de Verre, Pole Sud Strasbourg.
1994 Go Tell it on the mountain- ou Un a deux comprimes par jour, created Pole Sud strasbourg and Festival de Tours CCN Tours. A one woman show of 7 mythical women and the 7 capitol sins. Production and support: Theatre Contemporain de la Danse de Paris, CCN Tours, Theatre de la Bastille – with the Skite – Portugal 94 Project.

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